10 Healthy Habits That Have Changed my Life

1. Practicing gratitude! Weather that be through journaling or just writing 5 things I’m grateful for everyday it really has helped me shift my mindset 

2. Create a daily to-do list to help organize your tasks  for the day. (I personally do this everyday & it helps me so much to have everything I need to do laid right out in front of me.)

3. Daily Meditation. I also practice this everyday and this has personally changed my life immensely. It definitely helped me gain insight into what I truly wanted to do with my life. As well as it helped me learn to process my negative emotions in a healthy way. To accept them & let them go.

4. Read a little bit of a book everyday. Check out some of  the ones I read here!

5. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. This I noticed for me has been something that significantly improves my mood and not only that it helps me feel so much more mentally clear the next day  also I feel so much more focused (I've struggled with Adhd  and this has helped me maintain focus without medication along with meditation, but that has been what has worked for me. Always be sure to consult your doctor first to figure out what is best for you!)


6. Do something creative! Here is a great resource called CreativeLive where they have classes for tons of different passions like crafts, cooking, singing, wellness and so much more. I personally tried out one of their Lightroom classes and I loved it. Plus they have 24/7 free on air classes! Click Here to check it out!

7. Being mindful of the foods I put in my body! This one is a big one that has made me feel so much better over time, I started to notice when I ate junk food I would go into a mental spiral of just feeling bad about myself. Not only that I just had such a lack of energy and more! It wasn’t until I really switched to really just eating foods that not only tasted good but also made me feel good as well.  (For those who are wondering I eat a more  pescatarian/ avoid dairy I do have some occasionally but overall I just don’t like how it makes me feel) 

8. Make time for alone time & I mean REAL alone time. Not on your phone scrolling through insta, watching YouTube, Netflix, etc. Spend time really just by yourself & in tune with yourself, take a hot bath, relax, listen to calming music, just do something for you!

9. Journal! This one helped me a lot as for as being able to process any emotion i was feeling especially when I would feel down it would help me to get to the root of the problem. I also like to use Pinterest for prompts for my journaling if I am lost about what to write about that day :)

10. Start today! 

















Disclamer: The above does contain affiliate links, however these are products I would and or have personally tried/ or would like to try myself. Plus it helps support my work and allows me to continue to provide content for you all :) 


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